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Welcome to my Dark Art Gallery

Most people do not know about Dark Art style, actually they have right ! because this style is a little bit confusing at first glance, but let me explain; Dark Art style is type of style which shows pain, reality, truth, or suffering in society or personality, most pictures are ambiguous, and unclear, but their meaning are powerful. The coloring is somehow dark and strong, the texture is messy and complex, in order to show conflict these elements are required. as you know images are more effective than words, some of these images can talk more better than any words combined together! so just look at them and take time to think about the concept, whether to like it or not, it is up to your imagination, feelings and thoughts which is so respectful. some branches of Dark Art is Surreal, Gothic, Dreamy,… and so on, my gallery is combination of some of them.

As a graphic trainer, I teach my student to think and use their feeling to design, you know, all tools available for you is 10% of what is necessary but imagination and creativity is the key, So trust your feeling and never ever give up. softwares I use for my graphic design are : Photoshop, CorelDraw, 3DMax and some trifle handy stuff.

Hope you enjoy it, please feel free to share your idea and thoughts with me.

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